AldoHypnosisAudioAaron Eckhart (actor): Listened to subliminal hypnotherapy audios to help him to beat smoking and alcohol addictions – later stating in an interview that it changed his life forever.

echartA lot of careful thought, research & planning as been invested into the sound techniques and precise design of the affirmations and wording in these subliminal Audio files. For many years people have been using affirmations to effect their lives and assist in change of habits and attaining their goals. I have been studying this technology and  fine tuning affirmations for the past five years and during this process I have discovered there are specific ways in which affirmations need to be delivered in the audio to gain maximum results. Having your name added into  the affirmations will make them even more powerful. Most people are unaware of these important points.

The subliminal audio files I create are custom designed with your name and the affirmations are said in strategic ways and methods in a professional sound engineering Studio for maximum effect and result.

As you listen to these audio’s the sound of my voice will be heard consciously and then that same affirmation is then repeated subliminally (below your conscious hearing range) your unconscious can receive the suggestions. No will power or effort is required on your behalf, just relax, listen and enjoy.

The more you listen to these audio’s the comfortable and deeper relaxed you will become. For the best results I suggest that you use these audio files at least once per day for 30 days. Use these audio’s any time you feel like it, before you go to bed is an ideal time, however, intend to listen to these as a pleasure and not as a chore or discipline. It will yield far greater results if you listen when you feel like listening rather than feeling you are obliged or aught to.
Never use these audio’s in a moving automobile or any place where you need to be focused.
Enjoy this relaxing, journey of adventure and. discovery into more of yourself.

What Are Subliminal Messages?
Subliminal messages are sensory related stimuli that are aimed below a person’s level of conscious perception. The two most common types are audio and visual stimuli. Visual-based subliminal messages are images which are quickly flashed before the brain has time to process them, or are flashed and masked, which also interrupts processing by the brain. Audio subliminal stimuli may be played below audible volumes, or similarly masked by other sounds and noises, or recorded backwards in a process called backmasking, although bookmarking is not usually necessary when using subliminal messages below the conscious hearing threshold. Just like a human can not hear a dog whistle but a dog can hear it clearly.

Helps to Quit Smoking
Thirty-four people underwent a 3-week, group-oriented smoking cessation therapy package. Results showed that the subliminal messages affected post-treatment smoking behavior of the group. i.e. the people who received subliminal messages after their regular therapy had a lower rate of relapse into smoking again. A follow up study by Palmatier and Bornstein found that “subliminal messaging noticeably improved the progress of subjects attempting to quit smoking”, when compared to the group not exposed to subliminal messages.Lloyd H. Silverman, a psychologist at New York University, did a study on 40 groups of subjects in which he incorporated a subliminal message into the treatment of half the group of smokers trying to quit. One month after the study, 66% percent of the group exposed to subliminal messages were still non-smokers, compared to 13% of the control group.

Boost Learning Capacity
University students were split into groups and exposed to either a subliminal message or a control message immediately after class, over a period of 12 sessions of 4 millisecond duration messages. Students who had received the subliminal messages ended up performing better in their end of year exams than students who received the control message. The researchers concluded that subliminally stimulating students to feel better about themselves enabled them to learn more efficiently.

Positive effects on memory
Chakalis E, Lowe G. from Department of Psychology, University of Hull, UK. did a study to assess the effect of subliminally embedded auditory material on short-term recall, where 60 volunteer subjects undertook a face-name-occupation memory test before and after a 15-min. intervention. They were randomly assigned into three groups (a control group and two experimental groups) and allocated to one of the following conditions: (1) no sound, (2) supraliminal presentation of relaxing music, and (3) subliminal presentation of memory-improvement affirmations embedded in relaxing music. After intervention, only the subliminal group significantly improved their performance on recall of names.” Borgeat et al. (1989) could show that long term effects of subliminal stimuli can still be observed on a physiological level 15 minutes after subliminal presentation.

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