Aldo Privileggi’s dynamic, inspirational and lighthearted sense of humour has him speak and train for organizations and events such as Asia Evolution Annual Yoga Conference (AYC), Hong Kong University, ‘Real Man’ Conferences on topics such as the power of the subconscious mind, Hypnosis, Corporate Teambuilding, Health & Well being, Alpha Male, Subliminal Programming and other related topics.

Benefits of Aldo’s Speaking & Training Topics:

  • Creative Solutions & Thinking
  • Building creativity to think
  • Stress reduction
  • Higher morale
  • Vitality and improved immunity (reduced sick leave)
  • Reduction of physical symptoms (lower health risks to common diseases like cardio-vascular diseases)
  • Fulfillment and engagement at work
  • Increase of staff engagement and productivity
  • Teambuilding & Leadership
  • Accelerated Learning

We know how much efforts it takes to create, arrange and put together a major event. Therefore we at Aldo Hypnosis will help to make every step of the speaker selection and booking process as easy as possible for your next event.

Step 1: Choose the Presentation Topic
Please email the topic that you wish to present and specify the dates in mind. This will allow us to check Aldo Privileggi schedule and rates, so that we can get back to you within 10 days or less.

If you’re unsure about which would be the best, please click here for some of the Aldo’s typical speaking topis and we will be more than happy to discuss the differences in the style and information of each presentation with you.

Step 2: Confirm the Booking
Once you’ve chosen the topic of presentation and confirmed the date of booking, if necessary we may schedule a call between Aldo Privileggi and yourself to further our insight about your expectations. It’s important for us to learn what you’d like your participants to experience and “take away” from the program.

Step 3: Once booked:
We request that you supply us with any objectives as well as written or visual materials that you may have on your company or group. This will provide us with valuable background information regarding your products and services. These materials will help tailor Aldo’s presentations and in turn be viewed as valuable to your group.

We will provide:
In addition, we well send you an “introduction” of Aldo Privileggi for your announcer to read. We will also provide you with photos and logos to help you promote the speaking presentation by Aldo Privileggi at your event.

Free gifts:
As a thank you for booking Aldo Privileggi, we will include several lucky draw prizes for you to give-away at your event.

Above & Beyond Service:
We will be there for you every step of the way, to assist you with all the details and questions. We will make sure your group receives the highest quality program from which they can learn practical skills, in an entertaining format, that will assist them in today’s competitive marketplace!

Thank you for your time! Please feel free to call 9122 5473 or email if you have any more questions and schedule Aldo Privileggi to your next event.