Speaking Topics

Aldo Privileggi is often invited to international events and venues to speak on such topics as Hypnosis,  ‘Real Man’ courses, Health & Well being, Subliminal Programming/Audio visual and many other related topics. Your public or internal corporate conference or event may benefit from the insights of Aldo’s highly intuitive, entertaining, with rich presentations complemented by accelerated learning techniques, video and rich imagery – Aldo is sure to leave you with a memorable and impactful keynote session.

Here are some typical speaking topics presented by Aldo Privileggi:

How to use Hypnosis for Weight Loss & Body Sculpting
Have you ever tried to lose weight then only to discover that you soon return to that same old shape? Aldo will explain the reasons behind this and show how you can easily correct this and take control. You will learn how the conscious and subconscious mind works, how to manage your body weight with ease, uncover self-destructive and self sabotage patterns and how to remove them. Aldo will show you how to construct powerful affirmations in the right way and take advantage of this opportunity to do a 60-minute weight loss / body sculpting guided hypnosis session. This session will be suitable for not only people who want to lose weight, but also people who find it difficult to gain/maintain weight.


Learn ‘Anchors & Triggers’ to Access States of Peak Performance & Focus
Aldo will teach you powerful NLP & Hypnotic techniques called ‘Anchors & Triggers’ to access peak states and performance. All successful people such as the president, sport athletes use anchors and triggers to access high level state of performance when doing speeches or under any form of pressure. They are able to access a very focused state know as in the zone. This insightful and exciting session where you will learn how to use these techniques and be able to apply them in your lives. And then enjoy a step-by-step group hypnosis induction where he will guide you into implementing these and set them in motion, where you can then apply these to the area of your life that you desire.

How we are subliminally influenced by our subconscious mind
An interesting and revealing topic, where Aldo will explain and demonstrate how people and our environment have a powerful influence on some of the choices we make, that may not be known to us. The successful marketing companies in the world employ subliminal advertising and messaging techniques to control and influence your choices. Subliminal communication is a technique designed to reach our subconscious mind directly, which is below our conscious level of awareness. “What people don’t know, they cannot resist.” Aldo will include a group guided hypnosis session for you to make better choices in your career, relationships and other areas of your life.