Want to lose weight?

Have you ever tried to lose weight then only to discover that you soon return to that same old shape? In this video, let me show you why this occurs. Enjoy this video and let us know what kind of videos you would like to see more of by commenting below. Thank you.



  1. Lee Tanner says

    Aldo’s explaination in this short video on how Hypnosis can help weight loss has convinced me that this is the path I will be taking, this will be one decision I will not be regretting.

      • Lee Tanner says

        Hi Aldo, just a follow up on the Evolution Series Sublimnal Audio I received off you. I have been Been listening to it for just only one week, and already I am feeling a change! I am now looking forward to the next couple of weeks, thank you

        • says

          Thanx for the feedback Lee and great news,
          you can surely expect more changes to occur over the next few weeks as you subconscious patterns begin changing.
          Avoid, and be aware of the tendency to blow these new changes off as co-incidences. The conscious mind tries to rationalize the changes.
          Co-incidences are usually one of the first attempts it trys at this. I have even caught my own mind rationalizing the changes im experiencing. But then i laugh at the antics of the mind. i have found that a lot of people see the changes and think they are co-incidences..THEY ARE NOT!!! You are gaining the changes it is true -So enjoy the new feelings and positive changes as they unfold..

          You can listen to the subliminal portion of the audio as many times as you like per day..In fact no need to even listen, just allow the audio to play in the background as you go about your daily tasks or sleep..

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